Believe in Yourself

When the storms of life come rollin in,
Stand firm in what you are doing
And know that all we need is a bit
of courage faith and trust.
To come out on the otherside
…A new person from within,
With more knowledge than
We have ever known
A treasure all our own.

So when the weight of the world
Seems to be upon your shoulder
When you feel as if you can’t go anylonger
Watch as you stand firm
How your faith grows stronger
And you claim this victory
That has no hold upon you any longer

Walking through difficulties are what gets
Us to the other side
Where we truly desire to abide
So abide in this blissful state
For life is beautiful
And you are Great.
                                                                                                                    Wendy Box



Good Morning Everyone!!

I hope that everyone had a restful sleep and that you are ready to take on yet another wonderful day.  One that I hope is filled with a lots of laughter and happiness.

Sundays are restful days around our home.  We tend to relax more and sorta pick up some lose ends.

Relaxation is such an important part of life and one that needs to practiced often.  We tend to get so caught up in our daily lives and responsibilties that we forget what is truly important.  If we don’t take the time to relax and rejuvenate ourselves we will soon become tired, irritable, & restless and before you know it we are snapping at everyone around us, making mistakes – silly ones at that, and becoming so frustrated that we give up on a lot of what we set out to do.  It truly does have a dominoe effect. 

Take some time to read a book, go for a walk, sit around and watch a movie with the family, take a relaxing bubble bath with candles surrounding you or get a massage.. There are so many things that you can do..

I hope that you make relaxation a priority today, I know that I am,  for my body needs to re-energize itself for the full week I have ahead of me.

Relax Deepy,

Dream Big,


Believe with all your Heart!!

((((((((Hugs & Love))))))))))


Sweet Dreams

 I hope that everyone has had the most rewarding day; I know that I have.
Today has been filled with a lot of peace and accomplishments.
I started reading my new book, Aspire, and I can’t wait to share all that I am learning with everyone. I am really excited about this book.
I hope that each of you have a restfull …night filled with peaceful dreams!
Thank you all for taking time out to visit Wings of Encouragement.
Until tomorrow,,,
Sweet Dreams
(((((((((Hugs & Love)))))))))))
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Facing Fears


The past is history, so let it go.

…The future is a mystery, so let it come.

The present is this moment now – a gift.

To be truly in the present today, it is useful to release all your fears (based on the past) and your worries (imagined futures) – this is the work of someone who truly wants to awaken, and break free from the anchors and burdens of dead yesterdays and speculative tomorrows.

It begins simply – with awareness.
See your fears, see your worries, look at them in the face, watch them come and go.
Treat them like your children on their way out to play. Let them go.

Be here now they say, easier said than done, I hear you say.

But no one can stop us, except for ourselves.

There is only now – even if you are in planning mode, stay in the present as you plan tomorrow, its when we drift into tomorrow with our imagination that we succumb to a lazy avoidance of this moment.


This is one of my favorites and I hope that you enjoy it also. Facing fears can not only be frightening, but difficult. However, the freedom that you experience from facing your fears outweighs the brief moments of discomfort you may feel while doing so. You will have a freedom that words cannot describe. Releasing your fears opens you up to new abilities that will allow you to face the world with the confidence you have always dreamed of having.
Remember as you go on your journey of life and find it necessary to face any obstacles that may be in your life, we are all here at Wings of Encouragement, to take each step with you; by your side encouraging you all the way.
(((Hugs & Love)))
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Believe in Yourself and Your Dreams will Come True

Sometimes believing in ourselves can be a tough thing to do. It has taken many years and several more of hard work, to get to this place in my life. However each moment was well worth the effort.
Believe in yourself and do whatever is necessary to get you to that …point. For you a beautiful and wonderful individual with many great talents that this Universe is wating patiently on.
I know that you can do it, but what matters is You knowing that you can do it.
What is holding you back from allowing the entire world to see you shine?
We are all waiting to experience the beauty that you have to offer!!
((((Hugs & Love))))
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For many years I allowed what was going on around me to determine how I felt and how I was going to act. 

Living in that state, is truly not living at all.  Today I know that I don’t have to give my power over to any of life’s circumstances or anyone else for that matter.  I simply choose to take care of what I am responsible for and let go of the rest.  It truly is that simple.  When someone wants to see just how far they can push me, I walk away, just as simeple as that; When I am feeling overwhelmed as if I can’t breathe, I change my energy, by taking a walk, writing in my journal, taking a bath with candles lit, calling a friend…etc, just as simple as that. 

We have more power than we realize and we  were not put on this earth to allow others, situations, or circumstances to take that power from us. 

Find ways of taking back your power, better yet find ways of not relinguishing that power to begin with and you will find that your life will have more happiness and peace than you ever thought possible.

((((((((((((Hugs & Love))))))))))))))))


Good Morning Everyone!!
What a beautiful Saturday it is here!! I hope that today you will find time for yourself!
Today I am feeling such an overwhelming amount of gratitude for all that I have going on in my life. Its these moments that I need to remember when those not so great times show up in life. That is why I… keep a journal, so I can go back and remember what all I am truly grateful for . I don’t know about you but when things start piling up on me I tend to become extremely selfish and start having a self-pity party; then all that I have been so excited about in my life tends to slip away from my brain. With a journal I am able to read about all those wonderful things that have gone on in my life and before I know it my mindset changes back to that of gratitude!!
This is just one of the many reasons I keep a journal and I hope that you do also. If you don’t then start today. It has been one of the most effective healing tools in my life.
I hope you all have a wonderful day, one filled with a lot of laughter and fun.
((((Hugs & Love)))


“Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts.”

~ Unknown

It has taken me a long time to decide to follow my dreams.  I have always had them, but tucked them away in the back of my head, because I felt as though I was uncapable of achieving them.  I am so grateful that those days are over and that I have found the courage to take that first step and walk in the direction of my dreams.  In doing so, I have come to know myself on a deeper level and I am actually learning to love myself through the process. 
As I tell you on many occasions life is full of possibilities, just waiting on you to take hold of them.  Don’t allow fear or self-doubt caue you to pass your dreams by. 

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