Life’s Fatal Flaw

An Inspired Approach

Notice the moments Notice the moments

As I sit in the terminal waiting for the plane to begin boarding I watch all the people moving about.  Our expressions reveal more than we realize.  I see moments of complete joy with faces illuminated from within.  I feel the weight some carry of stress and worry.  I sense the sadness of those who are leaving a loved one behind.  We experience life in moments. We get lost in the happy ones and sometimes allow ourselves to drown in the sad ones.  We seem to spend so much time connecting via technology that we lose the human connections which surround us.  When alone we look to the past for happier times or stress over the future.  We didn’t take time to record our memories; we didn’t slow down enough to etch them in our hearts. They pass as quickly as they came.  We assume there will always…

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