Getting into the Solution

So, yesterday was not a very good day for me; I was all wrapped up in myself and self-pity was running riot.  I was feeling as though I had let everyone down and that my dreams were never going to come true; that I was nothing but a failure and I might as well give up.  Yes I went there and for most of the day at that.  It seemed like the harder I tried, the worse things got.  Overwhelming feelings took over like a sudden disaster and seemed to be suffocating me.

I knew that if I allowed these feelings to continue that I was headed for some dangerous territory; so I did what I know to do and I went to my Sponser’s house and shared my feelings and thoughts, in a vulnerable way.  There was nothing positive coming out of my mouth, especially about myself.  She pointed out to me that all I was doing was beating myself up and the only place that was going to get me was into a deep and dark depression.  We talked for a long time and it really felt better getting out what was honestly going on with me , both in my head and in my heart.

Sometimes we just have bad days; We feel “bluh”and just want to escape from it all; especially when everything seems to be falling apart around us.  If we don’t quickly get into the solution, we will lead ourselves’ to much darker places; depression, despair, isolation, fear, loneliness & even destruction.

When you have those days, don’t  beat yourself up; we all go through such times.  Reach out to someone, share what’s going on and be open-minded and willing enough to take some suggestions; and when things seem to be falling apart, don’t allow it to cause you to give up; Just because things aren’t working out on your time-table , doesn’t mean they never will.

((((hugs & love))))

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5 thoughts on “Getting into the Solution”

      1. We are One, however much we may seem separated by various ‘earthly’ factors.
        Unconditional Love.

        Kind Regards,

  1. I think it is OK to have bad days and, more importantly, to accept that you are having a bad day. By that I mean that I sometimes have a bad day and try and fight against it and feel totally negative about myself for being down. That is when self-doubt and self-criticism creep in and so instead of just feeling down, it consumes my whole day and steals it from me. ‘IT’ (the feeling) has control over my day. I read somewhere that it is better to accept that you feel bad, accept that feeling as an unruly passenger on your bus. It is there. It is a bother but you are the driver of the bus. I have tried this. Once I accept that I feel bad, the feeling loses its power. It does not go away but it loses its power over me. I find that by mid-morning I can then start do ‘drive my bus’ to do some normal activities (albeit struggling) and by the afternoon the feeling is quietly fading into the background. By the end of the day, I feel good that I have survived the day.

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