Listen to what your body is telling you!

I don’t know about everyone else, but I use to push myself to the point of complete exhaustion and even to the point of physical illnesses.  I learned the hard way that when my body screams out for rest, it’s time for rest; or you may find yourself not only at the Doctor’s Office, but even worse and laid up in a hospital bed.

I did just that a few months ago.  Finances and what my son was going through had taken its toll on me; then I had to quit my job and our income dropped drastically.  To top it off my Facebook Page Wings of Encouragement was hacked and I had lost control of it , along with the nearly million followers.  I stressed so much, didn’t eat right, didn’t sleep well, and was always trying to “fix-manage-&-control” things.  That’s when my body shut down; My blood pressure was above stroke level and couldn’t be brought down, I was beginning to have panic attacks, my sodium level had dropped to coma level and  I ended up in the hospital close to a nervous breakdown.

The climb to regain myself both mentally and physically was tough to say the least, but I am glad to say things are a bit back to normal today, However I learned one of the most valuable lessons I have learned in quite some time; I learned that life is too short to waste it stressing yourself to death; when your body starts giving you signs, PAY ATTENTION, and most importantly TAKE CARE OF YOU FIRST, because if you don’t , then you just may not be around to take care of others.

So if your body is tired, REST, if you aren’t eating right, EAT, if you are experiencing unusual signs of any sort, CALL YOUR DOCTOR AND DO WHAT THEY TO SAY!

Our body is a Temple, SO TREAT IT LIKE ONE!

(((hugs & love))))



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