Take a Deep Breath and Talk to God

In our daily lives we have many petty frustrations; whether it’s trying to tie our child’s shoelaces, getting kids to school on time, traffic jams, lines at the grocery store, or a number of other things.  If we aren’t careful we will find ourselves’ going through these times with clenched teeth, becoming angry at ourselves’ ,  because we weren’t able to handle these setbacks as well as we thought we should; that sort of attitude turns into more frustrations and before you know it everything we touch is going wrong.

Choose to take a breath and Talk to God instead of beating yourself up.  Go ahead and try it; When you become frustrated and find yourself not coping well , reach out in prayer for God’s help; You will be surprised at how your mindset turns around to a much more positive one and before you even realize it , you are more calm and patient than you were before;  Go ahead Take a Deep Breath & Talk to God.

(((hugs & love))))




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