The Value itself produces the Joy

For years all of my values and morals were non-existent.  I had either shoved them away, choosing not to believe in them any longer or I had decided that I no longer wanted to live being the good girl no more.  When my Values seized to exist, my life went down in a rapid manner; Before long I was acting and acting out in ways that I had once said I would never do.  It took nearly losing my life and being locked up in jail before I realized that something had to change and quick; That’s when I began the Journey of re-evaluating what it was I truly believed.  

Honesty, was the first value I applied back into my life; It was a do or die situation and I knew that if nothing changed then nothing would change; Then I began to add willingness and open-mindedness to my list; Before long Faith, Hope, Perseverance, Courage, Serenity, Surrender and many more values were added.  No matter what I was struggling with those values helped me to get into the solution and soon whatever I was facing got better or at least more tolerable; and before I knew it Joy had returned; But too often we forget that the joy doesn’t come from the external things at all, it comes from the value itself.  

So if things are a bit out of sorts in your life; Get back to the Basics; Get back to the values you once valued and soon you will notice just how much of a difference they truly make.

(((hugs & love))))



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