Rejection hurts and it scars many people for a life time; according to who and what the rejection was over.  However what hurts worse than anything is rejecting ourselves’.

Whatever the reason my be,  we have to face the pains once inflicted on us, due to rejection, or we will never be able to be able to accept ourselves’ fully.   It can be painful to face such matters, but if we keep pushing through the pain, feel our feelings, and free them; we can move on to a much better place.  One that involves freedom from self-rejection.  There’s nothing wrong with not liking something about yourself; you have to know something’s wrong before you can change it.  But, trying to be someone who we aren’t, just to gain the acceptance of others is not healthy at all.

Be yourself, if there’s something you want to change; then go ahead, Change it; But don’t change it to be like or for someone else, change it because it betters you and it’s something you want to do.

(((hug s& love)))




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