Easy Does It

Sometimes we just have to let go and go with the flow;

It’s much easier said that done, but when we get in the obsessive behavior of trying to figure everything out, we will not only cause matters to become worse, we will lose our focus in the process.

Have you ever tried to remember a  character’s name in a particular movie?  You try for days to re-call that name and then finally when you’ve about driven yourself crazy, you just give up,  thinking the answer will never come.  Then one day, out of no where the name just pops into your head.  It’s because you quit trying so hard.  That’s the way life is; we try to figure out what we should or shouldn’t do, we try to figure out all the tiniest of details, only to find ourselves’ moving farther and farther away from what it is we are searching for.

When I get to this place in my life, I just have to “Choose” to believe that God has it under control and in the mean time I also “Choose” to just go with the flow.  Then tension that sets up inside of me, from trying to find the answers, keeps me from enjoying life all together.   So I take a deep breath, say a prayer, and get out there and do something fun; I continue to take care of my responsibilities, but I no longer allow the How’s, What if’s, Should I’s, to rule my life.  I just do the next right thing and choose to go about my life with the “Easy Does It” attitude.  Then before I have even recognized it, just the right door opens, or closes and new opportunities present themselves’ and I am right where I need to be.

Yes it’s hard to approach life with the Easy Does It attitude, but it’s also far less stressful than worrying about every little detail and causing ourselves’ unnecessary stress and tension.  So if it’s just for today, then do it just for today, but try giving yourself a break and take it easy for a while; Your answers will come and no amount of pushing or forcing is going to make them get here any quicker then they are supposed to ; it’s only going to cause you to miss them when they do present themselves’.

(((hugs & love))))




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