Spiritual Awakening

When I checked into treatment center a little over 7 years ago, I was so confused about the difference between religion and spirituality.   The only thing I knew for sure was that I had lost mine.  Morals and values had not existed in my life for years and I was numb on the inside.   I didn’t care about my own life, much less anyone else’s.

So what was this thing they called Spirituality?  Well, it took me a while to figure that one out,  but when I did , oh what a relief it was.  I began understanding that spirituality was an inside thing and religion was based on works, so to speak; the beliefs of different organizations.  When I began studying it and really working a program, the light started going off; I could see that every time I had gone against a moral or value , that I knew in my heart was wrong, I deadened my Spirit.  When I began practicing spiritual principles, making amends for my wrongs, and developing a relationship with the God of my understanding; my Spirit began awakening in such a powerful way; the more I practiced the principles, the closer I became to God and the closer I became to God , the more my Spirit blossomed.

Now I am not saying that I am always full of Joy & Peace and that I always do the right things, but I am saying that I am able to recognize when I a wrong, admit and accept my part in it; which in return gets me back to where I need to be Spiritually.

(((hugs & love)))


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