Laugh with all of your heart

Laugh with all of your heart, as much as you want & so hard you cry.  

I use to be one of those serious people; the kind that sat in church or anywhere else for that matter and would frown on people acting “silly”.  I was taught to be quiet, never to be heard, and not to act “goof off”; and laughing or being silly was considered was considered goofing off.  My entire perception of life and the way I was supposed to be, was distorted to say the least.

Today, I act goofy, I play around, with others and I will get up and dance alone if I feel like it and I don’t care who is looking.  Life isn’t about being stiff and cold all the time; It’s about enjoying and living it to the fullest.  Some of the most therapeutic times in my life have been when I laughed until I cried.  Just recently I was at my support group meeting and it was just so happened the meeting was a bit on the humorous side; not saying that we take addiction lightly, because we don’t , but there was humor none the less.  After the meeting, I made a comment to one of the members and said, “I had forgotten what it felt like to laugh.”  His reply was, “Well this meeting is just what you needed, laughter is very healing..”  A few of my friends and I went out to eat afterwards and laughed even harder, I mean those kind of laughs that make your tummy hurt and tears flow from your eyes.   Yes it was a blast and for the past 2 days I have been taking full advantage of it.  Have my problems gone away, No, but I sure do feel a lot better on the inside.  I had forgotten just how wonderfully healing laughter really was.

Being respectful is one thing, but losing your spark is another.  

(((hugs & love)))



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