A healing letter

This is so true; As a Counselor, Life Coach, Crisis Prevention, & Survivor myself; I know all to well how therapeutic writing can be; It releases your feelings in a healthy way and it helps you to see them for what they truly are!!

Make Your Own 90210

I believe writing letters to those who have hurt you to be very therapeutic and helpful to me in my journey.  I have always preferred to write someone a letter as a tool to express my true feelings and thoughts.  As I go about my journey to discovering who I am, I realize I have not truly gotten over the past and I have not gotten over the hurts that were caused to me by others.  I have heard many teachers say you should not give the letter to the person, and in some ways I actually agree, but I also think it can be healing and therapeutic to give the person the letter.  Their response, reply and reaction should not affect you and who you are.

I am writing this letter to my mother, but I will not be giving it to her.  My reason for not giving my…

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