As a Recovering Addict and a Christian , Faith has always been difficult for me.  Some days I truly do believe and have all the faith in the world; then there are other days when no matter what I do , I can’t seem to obtain if half of a mustard seed of faith; those are the days when I go back to my past experiences.  Those experiences I like to call “God-Incidences” .   When I look back on all the times that I surely thought God had turned his back on me, when the pain was so bad I would become physically sick; and then I see how God not only worked things out for my best interest, He blessed me far greater than I could ever imagined; Those are the times that give me the strength to move forward, the hope of a better tomorrow, and the faith of half a mustard seed.

No there’s nothing easy about faith; When things are going my way I tend to have a lot of it, but when I hit that bump and especially climbing that hill that never seems as though I will reach the top; that’s when I doubt the most; Today I am learning that it’s those times that create my life.  It’s the tough times that make me into the strong Survivor that I am; It’s believing in the power of God and that He truly does want the best for me, that get me through.

Don’t beat yourself up if you are lacking in faith;   There’s so much that can’t be explained in life, so much that I, personally, have had to just choose to believe that far greater things are to come and that one day I will understand, whether it be in my lifetime here on earth, or in my future when I am in Heaven.  I just choose to believe, because trying to figure out all the hurts, tragedies, and pains in life, nearly killed me and it brings on far too much stress, which everyone knows effects your physical state of well-being.

Just keep taking that next right step and choosing to believe that all is going to work out in your highest favor.  It’s a chose that someone has to make for themselves’, but it’s always a choice!

(((hugs & love)))



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