I could write a book on Fear alone. It’s so powerful that it can paralyze us from living life to the fullest;
Some people go into anxiety/panic attacks when the fear becomes too overwhelming for them to handle and others never experience to freedom from their fears because they refuse to face them and let themselves’ be free from such misery.

Personally Fear has been the biggest challenge for me. So many times I have faced things that terrify me and felt as though my heart was going to leap out of my chest; or I would surely lose my breath and pass out. (which in a lot of cases is the best thing to do). Fear can cause blood pressure to rise and illness in general; but there are those good types of fear, you know the kind that tells you don’t touch that hot stove, or if you are coming home from being out and your door is wide open, fear lets you know to go back to your car and call local authorities. But the type of fear that paralyzes and isolates you from life itself, is so unhealthy and many have to seek professional help for them to just be able to function.

The one thing I have learned in Recovery is that when I face a fear, it loses it’s power. For instance speaking in front of large groups of people terrifies me, to the point that I have to take deep breaths and ask the group to bow their heads and join me in a moment of silence, so that I can spend a few minutes with God. The first time I spoke I cried the entire hour; I was terrified. Today when I speak, I still get nervous and my heart pounds and races, but it doesn’t last long and once I say out loud to those I am speaking to that I am afraid, the fear loses its power.
Being afraid does not mean you are weak; what may not be fearful to one person, may terrify another; We are all different and we deal with our fears in our own special ways; The key words being “We Deal With Them”. Seek help if you must, but don’t allow Fear to paralyze you, to keep you from living life to the fullest and to isolate you from all those that care about you.
Over the past several weeks I have been dealing with a lot of fear about my health; I have had stroke level blood pressure on numerous occasions, I have had my sodium drop so low that I was admitted to the hospital, in case I went into a coma or seizures and they have yet to find out what is causing my blood pressure to go to such dangerous levels. Due to all of the above circumstances, I am afraid to be alone and when I see a blood pressure machine I panic; which only causes the reading to go higher. Yes this is difficult to deal with and yes I feel lost right now, but I keep moving and having Faith that as long as I am making the calls and trying, God is going to take care of the rest. It gets frustrating, but it’s just what I have to face. So one day at a time and some days it’s more like 5 minutes at a time, I get through with prayer, medication, determination (not to allow this fear to paralyze me),, and I do it to the best of my ability.
So if you are facing a Fear and the fear itself has paralyzed you and isolated you from life itself, then maybe it’s time for you to step out and ask for some help; Sharing the fear always helps weaken it, even if it’s just in a small way and any way at all is better than nothing at all.

You are stronger and braver than you know.
(((hugs & love)))


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