Letting Go

Sometimes we think that letting go means we will never feel the pain again which is not true at all;

We also forget that we are human and often times we take back exactly what it is we have surrendered;

It has taken me many years to realize that I often take back things more than I care to admit;

It can take some time for me to completely let go and quit fighting the obvious;

That doesn’t mean I am doing anything wrong, nor does it mean that I will never be able to let go;

It only means sometimes it’s a process and when I do finally get worn out from trying to take things back over and over again;

I will eventually fully and completely surrender it all ; I may still feel the pain, but one day that pain will only be a sting and further on down the line, that sting will not occur as often as it once did.

So go easy on yourself, learning experiences are a process and we each arrive at our own personal time, not at that of someone else’s

(((hugs & love)))



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