Being powerless over a situation can be so frustrating at times; When I realized that I was powerless over drugs and alcohol, is when I accepted that I could not change the situation on my own; However, when I began working the 12 Step Program of Recovery, I realized that I was powerless over much more than I realized, especially other people.  Since control was a defect of mine  that I have had to work on for quite some time, it was very difficult for me to accept that I had no power over what my children , husband, or anyone else for that matter did.  I wanted them to act a certain way, to do things the way I thought they should do,,etc.  Well it just doesn’t work like that.

When I began letting go and accepting the fact that I had no control over people , places, or things; then I was able to change.  In that process, I learned that due to the childhood abuse I had experienced, being in control was my way of keeping myself safe, but it was unhealthy and especially unhealthy for my children.  It took us some time, but soon my sons were able to live their own lives, without mama having to do everything and my husband was able to be himself and not have to worry about what I would or wouldn’t say about him; and most importantly I was able to take care of me and set free from the heavy load I had been carrying for so many years.  Not having to be in control of everything can take it’s toll on a person; I no longer have to be responsible for actions that my family need to be taking for themselves’ and I am now free to live my life to the fullest.

Always remember that just because you admit that you are powerless over something, doesn’t mean that you have no power at all; it only means that what others do and say or out of your control; but what you do about what they do and say is a totally different story;  When you accept that you can’t control them or change them, then you will be able to do something about it and you can let them go to be whoever they choose to be; which enables you to be free from the burdens you may be facing.

Wendy Box


2 thoughts on “Powerlessness”

  1. Great post, form both points of you; letting yourself free from the responsibility of others actions but at the same time taking full responsibility of your own (including the effect their action may have on you). i never thought of it all that way before and it is quite profound.

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