Addiction is a Disease

Many argue the fact that Addiction is a Disease.  I am not here to debate with anyone; I am here to share my Experience, Strength, & Hope with those who want to listen.

I share what I have learned, how my life has changed, as a direct result of working a 12-Step Program, and what I know is true concerning addiction.  There are many web sites available to those who want to learn more about this deadly disease; just google “The Disease of Addiction” and you will find a variety of information.

The simplest way I put it is that the Dopamine levels in an addict/alcoholic’s brain are not functioning properly; the cerebelum is making decisions based on that very fact.  The neurotransmitters are not funcitioning properly which releases too much dopamine into the brain, therefor causing irrational behaviors and attitudes.  When a drug or drink is taken, it will cause the dopamine to increase to a level of euphoria, which in the addict/alcoholic’s brain gives them the pleasure they have been searching for.  Simple put their “stop” mechanism doesn’t work; once they take that first drug, or drink, they can’t stop.  That is the simplest way I know to describe it.

Society accepts the diabetes, epilepsy, etc. as a disease, even depression; however when it comes to the disease of addiction, society is so misinformed.  Because an alcoholic/addict’s behaviors are so degrading at times, society just thinks that they can “choose” to stop using.  The fact of the matter is , once an addict/alcoholic takes that first drink or drug, they CAN NOT stop!! If you want to learn more about this disease, if your family is suffering from it, please research all the information available.  This is a FAMILY DISEASE!!!!  It effects all that are involved and there is Recovery available to both the family and the alcoholic/addict.

The good news is once an Addict/Alcoholic begins a program of Recovery, whether it be in AA, NA, CA, or HA; (or the family begins recovery in Alanon) lives begin to change; in a positive way.  I know because mine has!!

As I stated at the beginning of this article; I am not here to debate with anyone over Addiction/Alcoholism (they are both the same disease); I am merely here to spread the word about the Disease itself , to all those who are so mis-informed.  If you want help, reach out, let someone know what is going on; And always remember, INSURANCE WOULD NOT CLASSIFY THIS A DISEASE , UNLESS IT WAS; THEY DEFINITELY WOULDN’T PAY FOR IT , IF THERE WERE NOT ENOUGH PROVEN INFORMATION; MEDICAL FACTS; TO BACK UP THE DISEASE ITSELF.

Wendy Box



4 thoughts on “Addiction is a Disease”

  1. I understand this as I have seen it in a family member. Often the other family members recognise it as a disease but the person who has the addiction does not. Therein lies the problem. Getting that person help or recognise that he /she needs help. This is the challenge and the biggest hurdle.

    1. Yes Elizabeth2560 IT IS THE BIGGEST HURDLE. For the person with the disease itself sees it as a “moral” issue and not a physical or mental one; Hence they continue to do what they are doing, only worsening, until something devastating happens. Once a person is able to accept that they have a problem, a disease if you must say, then they are able to get the help that they so desperately need. The longer an individual stays clean/sober, the deeper their acceptance with the disease gets; They see it on a much more personal basis than ever before.

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