Standing up for myself

I use to think that allowing others to treat me any way they choose was the right thing to do.  

Yes that sounds a bit insane , but so many people in this world think just exactly that too.

Being compassionate, loving, tolerant, etc. to others doesn’t mean that we have to treat us disrespectfully.  It doesn’t mean that we have to stay around them, living with them, and so forth!

If you are being treated in an inappropriate manner, reach out to someone and talk to them; re-access your situations; “Are you being harmed or are you just not getting what you want?”  Seek help immediately if it is a dangerous situation and please encourage your kids to TALK about anything & everything that is going on in their lives; even if they are uncomfortable.  Never shun them, no matter what they say; just tell them you will check the situation out; it if’s not true then it’s not true, but I had rather take the chance on it being a lie than the truth; and what you may consider a lie; they may consider in a totally different way; JUST LISTEN TO THEM. Sometimes we can send mixed signals to children; for example; we can tell them the importance of being respectful and listening and obeying the teachers, Sunday school teachers, Youth leaders, etc. ; yet we don’t encourage them to share with us when someone is making them feel uncomfortable; whether it be at church, school , etc.  It’s always important to communicate well with our children.

No matter whether it’s your child or yourself; Never think that you have to allow someone else to treat you unfairly, unkind, or in an abusive way.  You can always stand up for yourself, as long as it is done in the proper manner; And whatever you do, REACH OUT TO SOMEONE IF YOU ARE BEING ABUSED, IN ANY FORM OR FASHION.

Wendy Box


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