Our family is leaning on a lot of HOPE today;
We would really appreciate your prayers and all the positive thoughts and energy that we can get.
My nephew is back in the hospital and this time it’s much worse than before. Seeing my brother 

in this pain is heart drenching. 
For those of you dealing with active addiction; THERE IS HELP AVAILABLE!!! Please talk with someone, reach out , go to treatment and TAKE THEIR SUGGESTIONS!! Watching someone die from this hideous disease is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. If you are a loved one of someine in active addiction, seek help also; there are Alanon meetings you can attend and they are extremely helpful.
Please feel free to message me on facebook, or to contact me via email: Wingsofencourage@aol.com 
Hope everyone is having a great Saturday; spend time with family and friends; treasure all that are in your life at this very moment and be grateful for each one of them.
(((Hugs & love))))

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