Keep Believing!





No matter what you are facing; no matter how painful it may be, keep moving forward, keep doing those things that better your spiritual, physical, & mental growth.

Often times , more than I care to admit, when things are going rough, when I am facing stressful times, the first thing that is put off, purposely overlooked, or just flat out “not done”, is my personal care.  I will stop exercising, stop working on my book, stop going to my support groups, stop calling my Sponsor, etc..  

It’s during the difficult times , when Self-Care is of the utmost importance!!   Being in good physical, mental, & spiritual health makes all of life’s difficulties much more bearable!

Wendy Box


I deny all ownership of said photo; Ownership is that of the sole owner.

Wendy Box


3 thoughts on “Keep Believing!”

  1. I love and agree with what this woman of god has to say. I have been really down today but after I read this I feel so much graditude.Thank you!

    1. Thank you Sherry. Today I just started back on my WordPress Blog,, I needed an outlet after what happened on my facebook page; and then I read your words ,, they are truly encouraging and came to me exactly when I needed to read them, for today I has been one of the not so great days; Thank you again, so very much
      (((hugs & love)))

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