You are the Miracle

Sometimes it’s difficult for me to grasp this “Truth”.
Especially when I’ve repeatedly goofed.
There are just some things that take longer for me to learn than others, some things I am good at and others well not so much. Then there’s those things which take hold of me in a negative way and all hopes and beliefs just get washed away. 
At one point of my life, there was no hope ; I found it in drugs and alcohol; however today is much different. Through the help of a program and the 12 steps, of which I choose to live by, a God of my understanding, a Spiritual Adviser; much has changed in my life. That doesn’t mean all the pain, mistakes, and heartaches are over; it only means I’ve chosen a different way of facing them than before. 
There is so much in life we don’t understand, so much confusion, heartache, and pain;
Yet there’s just as much and more;
Beauty and love all around us;
Which one I focus on is my choice!
Wendy Box


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