Just Do The Next Right Thing!

Tonight I decided to visit this blog; of which I haven’t posted in for quite a while.  I can’t explain what it was, but there was this constant picture in my head concerning my old Word Press Blog.  I have ignored it for several weeks now, but tonight the urge was just too strong to ignore.  So here I am; not knowing exactly what my direction I am going in, but I am here.  

The title was chosen , because that’s exactly what I am doing today, “The Next Right Thing”.  I am not sure exactly where my destination will be, but doing what’s in front of me, taking the next right step, well that seems to work for now.  I am procrastinating with my books, with starting my new web page, and in so many other areas.  It’s almost as if there is this hidden fear deep within me and I can’t quite get a hold of it; or maybe it’s just God’s way of telling me to slow down, to take it easy for a little bit and get my thoughts straight.  I just don’t know, so I put one foot in front of the other, do the next right thing for the right reasons and God takes care of the rest, He has to because not much action is coming from my way.

Wings of Encouragement’s facebook page has grown tremendously since my last post on WordPress; frankly that’s where all of my time is spent, writing on the Wings facebook page; but that;s what brings out the joy inside of me, the “Umph” so to speak, it’s what I love doing and find comfort and peace when in the middle of it.  I know that all is going to happen, I know it’s going to turn out just as it should, and I know I will be happy in the midst of it, so I will do what I can each day, if only for 15 minutes or so, and go from there.  Being stuck or in a rut with something or someone is not easy and can become quite frustrating; but you take your deep breaths, send them/it blessings along the way, and keep moving forward, believing all is going to turn out for your Highest Good. I truly do believe that , with all of my heart.  NO it is not easy, it’s quite painful at times, but the lessons learned from the hardships in my life, have changed Me in a powerful and profound way.  So, even when they don’t feel so great, I keep moving forward, praying, doing the next right thing, and having faith that this time will pass and when I get on the other side, I will see just why it had to be so, but most importantly, I will be stronger,  my faith will grow, and I will be a better person. 

Hang in there, this time will pass; Believe in what you are doing, visualize it, see it in your own thoughts, say it out loud, then do the work required to reach your goals; and in the mean time when times get tough, slow down if you must, but keep moving forward and know it’s going to get better as long as you are doing your part!


(((hugs & Love)))



I am not sure if I will be posting on a regular basis or sending posts from facebook , just not quite sure.  But in the mean time visit our facebook page, wingsofecouragement .


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