It’s ok to be nice to You!


Today I decided to treat myself to something nice; I decided to give myself a gift and buy my own B’day Present! Now here is the kicker, ” I chose to feel good about it!”
Some of you may know what I am talking about; How go and do something nice for ourselves, only to take it back or allow guilt to consume us. That is what I am use… to doing and when my head tried to tell me, I “should not have done it”; I chose to “STOP’, let go of the negative feelings and see myself for who I am ; A productive member of society, who keeps her committments, loves others, gives back as much as she can, shares her experience, strength, and hope to those reaching out, and trys to be the best mom and wife that she possibly can; So ya I think a few clothes is just fine for me!
Don’t allow situations or past circumstances to keep you from “Being kind to Yourself”, you deserve it, just as much as anyone else; Know that today, It is ok to do nice things for yourself; and feel good in the process!
Sweet Dreams Everyone
(((Hugs & Love)))

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