Let Go


It has taken me many years to learn to love myself. The raod has bee difficult at times; dealing with the pain of the past wasn’t pleasant, but every second of it was worth it. The freedom I have found today is both powerful and exhilirating. I live in a way that I never dreamed possible, I give myself a break when mistakes are mad…e and I keep going. After living in bondage for so many years, the process seemed slow at times; therefore I learned patience and faith. I held on to that knot at the end of the rope, tightly and refused to let go.
I know today that forgiveness is truly freeing; holding onto the hurt and pain only kept me in a self-made prison of hell. Letting go released all of its power and now I am free to live the life I have always dreamed of.
You too can be set free; just make that decision, that enough is enough. Life is too short to live in misery and pain. You were meant to live happily and joyously and full of prosperity and love. So no matter what has happened in your past; now is the time to let go. Take that first small step of action, hold onto your faith and you will begin a journey of discovery like never before.
You are loved, you are beautiful, you are unique, you deserve to be happy, and your worth it!! Give yourself a break, if it doesn’t work for you , you can always go back to your misery. What have you got to lose? So Let Go and get ready for the journey of a life time!
Much Love & Hugs
WendySee More

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