This Little Girl

“This Little Girl”


Once a little girl so full of fear;

Crying out for help;

Yet no one seemed to hear;


Once a little girl who dreamed of being set free;

From the nightmare that would not end;

Yet no-one seemed to hear her plea;


Once a little girl who would lay in her bed,

with fingers in her ears;

Just to drown out the sounds in her head;


Sounds of screams, broken furniture, and her mom’s cries;

So defenseless she always felt;

For no matter who she told ,they thought she was full of lies


The pain only grew, until one day things seem to explode;

Defenseless against the strength of a grown man

This little girl suffered the abuse no 10 year old should;

Yes this little girl survived more than most could.


Surely this would be enough; things would change now;

The pain she could no longer live with;

Yes the pain would go away; some way some how.


Many years this little girl would still suffer

The resentment she held only gave him more power;

Soon the struggles would become too much for her to bear;

Facing the feelings was just too much of a dare.


After many years of her own hatred and pain

This little girl’s life would finally change;

Yes she would no longer allow the hurt to remain.


Long after his own personal fatality

She would finally let all the anger go

And face her own reality.


Yes finally this little girl was set free.

Free to love like never before;

Free to feel and release the pain; giving it power no more;


Yes now she would be able to live;

Yes now she could be there for another,

For now she was able to truly give;


Yes this little girl was finally set free;

To become the Woman she had always wanted to be!

Wendy Box


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