Positive Attitudes & Thoughts Make A Difference!!!

Each day I am given many opportunities to see how much of an impact “the right attitude” and “positive thinking” can truly have on my life.  Some days may be easier than others; however when I tackle what is in front of me, replace my negative thoughts with positive ones and be grateful no matter what the circumstances , I am often amazed at the turn my life takes, for the good I might add. 
On those tough days, I make it a point to “check my attitude”, always finding that I have a rather negative one; so I immediately start saying “out loud” , all of the good that is in my life.  Then I will find good in all that takes place, from that moment on.  My day almost immediately turns around and often more than not, I am greeted with some of the most amazing opportunities. If I still find myself struggling with my attitude and thoughts; I just get up and do the next right thing;  whether it be taking a shower, rolling my hair for the heck of it, painting my nails, taking a bubble bath, taking a walk, reading a book, calling an old friend and talking out the situation, doing something “goofy”( as I often do), taking a ride, going to a store just to look around; There are many things I can do to change my energy to that of a positive one. 
Often taking that one small step towards action is all that was needed to  begin with. 
Hugs & Love


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