Never Give Up


Some days I just want to lay in bed;
I shreak at the mere raising of my head.

I wonder what am I doing in this place;
I don’t want to keep running the race;

I am tired, lost, and stuck
When will I ever be free from this “muck”?

I muster up all the strength from within;
I tell myself “I will see this thru to the end;
I crawl out of bed with all of my might;
For today I am willing to fight;

I will push forward with all my heart;
I will press on no matter what;
For today I will begin a new start.

When those days of fear and pain
Seem to take over and I feel bound by defeat
I will know that I am here for a reason
I have a purpose to fulfill;
I will not allow circumstances to stand in the way;
With God on my side, continue this race, I will!
““`Wendy Box

Have a Terrific Tuesday My Friends!
(((hugs & love)))
WendySee More


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