I am a Winner!!


“You cannot perform in a manner inconsistent with the way you see yourself.”
Zig Ziglar

This is such a powerful statement; which can bring about amazing experiences for one who decides to apply it to their life. 
It’s all in how we see ourselves; Do you see yourself as the winner you truly are?  A person filled with a purpose and who can do anything they set their mind to?  Or have you allowed your self-confidence to be thrown out the window; one who just gets by doing whatever they have to in order to get through to the next day?

I personally know how low self-esteem can shut someone down; I have been there in more ways than one; not able to face society in any form or fashion; I never thought I was good at anything; I have no “special talents” as the normal person does; I felt lost and overwhelmed by life in general.  I couldn’t find myself ; didn’t even know what it meant to find yourself. 
But I can tell you that I no-longer live my life in that manner; I am free from the bondage of fear and low self-esteem.  This road I have been on; this journey of discovery that I have been experiencing has been the most amazing experience , its more than I  ever dreamed possible.  I do know that facing life in a positive way; growing from the inside; rebuilding my thoughts and ideas to those of positivity, self-confidence, love , happiness, joy, and so much more ; has given me a life of true peace and prosperity. 
So ask yourself today; What do I think of myself? Do I believe that I am here for a reason?  Am I pursuing my passion? What can I do to turn my self-image around to that of a positive one; so that I can become the winner that I was meant to be?

Much Love & Hugs


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