As I was enjoying the sun today, I noticed that some birds had made a nest in one of our bird houses.   The male chick-a-dee was hard at work; he was on a mission, which was to keep his partner healthy as she faithfully gave warmth to the un-hatched eggs she snuggled in her nest.  I watched him as he flew back and forth; only stopping long enough to make sure his home was safe.  He was faithful ; He was taking care of his soon to be family.  No matter what he would keep up his job, for that was his destiny.

I couldn’t help but smile as the thought of my husband came to my mind.  He was just like the male chick-a-dee; determined, hardworking, and faithful, he has always taken care of his family.  Even through our darkest times , never did he leave my side.  He has worked diligently for over 20 years now and supported his family 100%;  Though there were many times;  he stuck it out; through the hard and shadiest times of all, he never walked away, though he had many plausible reasons, he refused to leave and when I did seek help, he believed in me.  He may not be the romantic Romeo; he’s just a country boy , from Alabama; but he is my country boy; 

Yes my husband has much in common with this chick-a-dee and I am grateful to say , “Until death do us part”; means something to me today.  

I wanted to share this with each of you, because sharing me is what I do. 

I hope everyone has a good night’s rest and may your dreams be filled with love, light, and happiness.  Remember You Do Make A Difference!!

(((Much Love & Hugs))))



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