Good Morning!!
As I was writing in my Journal this morning I began to realize all the beauty in my life and all of the things I am grateful for. Then this thought occurred to me; I have a vision for myself today; I have dreams, wants, and desires; So different from where I use to be; when the only visions I had were of how , when, and… where my drugs were coming from; no dreams, no nothing, just an emptiness ; a loneliness; I was living in a self-made prison of dereliction and degradation.
I was once so spiritually dead that not even the pain of my children mattered;
Today, I AM FREE, I hurt when others hurt; I have a burning desire to help those struggling with the disease of addiction; I have a passion for spreading love and peace. I choose to look at the positive in life; I have a family that means the world to me; I can now love truly love myself and love others from the pureness of my heart.
Now that my friends is my Miracle and I will always tell my story so that others may know; There is a better way; There is hope; There is Freedom!
Yes I am over-flowing with GRATITUDE THIS MORNING!
Have a Fantastic Friday!
(((Hugs & Love))))

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