Finding your place of center


I am in my “center” ; my place of calmness and peace; which is somewhere I have to visit quite often at work. We talk about responding with calm and relaxing thoughts to situations and circumstances and for a long time that was pretty foreign to myself. After much effort and lots of practice; I can now find that “calm center” of min…e; no matter what is going on around me.
Find your “center”. Watch yourself; what makes you serene; happy; and at peace. What makes your body relaxed and your thoughts disappear? Mine is being on the beach, while listening to the ocean or laying out in the sun listening to nature. Once you find your Center of Peace go there as often as you must. Visiting our “center” throughout the day is a way of calming our anxious thoughts and anxieties. Once we have spent our time in our “center” we can go back to our normal tasks, with a better attitude and a clear mind.
Hope everyone had a productive day!
Sweet Dreams My Friends; and remember “Tomorrow is a new beginning”
(((hugs & love)))
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