Your ok Just the Way You Are!!


Sometimes I yell; Sometimes I lose my temper ; Others I am sad and afraid.
Sometimes I just want to be left to myself; Others I just want to cry!
Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with me; Will I ever be set free?

…I no longer hold onto grudges as long;
I no longer lose my temper as easily as I did before;
I no longer sit in a room , shut off from the world, filled with tears and fears;
I have friends who enjoy being around me; and are always available;
I am more open than I’ve ever been;

There is nothing wrong with me; Yes I am human and yes I make mistakes, but with my mistakes comes growth. I am more open today than I have ever been; so I will allow those “not so good times” to roll easily off of me and trust the process.

So when those “not so great times” occurr; I give myself a break; knowing that my journey is not in vain; it has a purpose; to guide me closer to my heart.
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