Face Fear


In acknowledging our fears; exposing them to the light, we begin the process of identification and elimination. We begin a road that will bring us much freedom.
Fear is powerful indeed; however love is much more powerful! Through perseverence and much dedication, we can break through the very grips of a suffocating and paralyzing sta…te of being.
While some fears are just a normal response to life in general; it’s when they seem to take over your every thought and being that they become paralyzing. We can find something that works for us; whatever belief it may be, or way of life; it doesn’t matter; as long as you find something that works for you and brings you to terms with life itself.
We can find freedom from the fears that we have all mentioned. You have already exposed them; Now do something with them!! They are only causing you to stagnate in your life; you can’t move forward if your afraid your going to fail, because you will always be looking for that exact thing to happen; When we fear ourselves, we need to see ourselves for who we truly are; unique and whole, complete and beautiful, full of love and passion; one that is capable of doing anything they we put their mind to.
Facing our fears brings much peace and freedom into our life. There are some fears that will disappear completely, others may take longer, and some may linger a while; whatever the case releasing even the smallest amount of fear, will make a lasting result in your life and bring with it a life like you never dreamed possible.
May you have a peaceful night’s rest.
Sweet Dreams My Friends
((((hugs & love))))
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