Take care of you


Be there for others, but never leave yourself behind. ~ by Dodinsky

The above quote is one I have to remember on a regular basis; especially being in the line of work I am in. If I leave “me” behind, which I did a lot of in the beginning , I will lose myself to the caos that often goes on around me. When that happens , not only am I… miserable, I am of no good to anyone else.
So if you begin to become overwhelmed while helping others : STOP!!! Don’t forget the most important of all, Yourself! Relax, enjoy a hot relaxing bath, have a movie night with family (popcorn and all); treat yourself, or just sit somewhere and relax. Stay away from all “Self-help” books, because you know, you will only want to share them with others.
Then you will be refreshed and energized to be all that you really are; someone full of love and compassion who reaches out to others, offering much hope and encouragement.
I hope that each of you have a wonderful week-end, filled with fun and laughter, and some “You Time”.
Sweet Dreams My Friends
((((Hugs & Love))))


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