Don’t you just love it when you have those “epiphanies”? Those moments when something becomes so clear?
Today as I was laying out in the sun, Thoughts of age and how I needed to get into shape started coming to mind. Others had told me that once you reach a certain age your body stops doing this and that , you begin to look this or …that way, and that there is on sense in doing exercises because they don’t work on older people.
Now I have several friends and co-workers who are in their 60’s and look like they are 40; they are in such great shape and they work out. So I decided to give them a call today. I wanted to know how they did it. When they told me they just ate right , took care of their body and exercised, I shared what I heard from so many for years. The response I received from “all 3 people” was: “I chose not to believe them, I just didn’t listen to all that crap (putting it nicely)” .
Wow, so simple , and it is just as I have been learning about my thoughts and actions over the past 6 months. The difference between them and me: Over the years I chose to believe what others had said. Their negative words had planted themselves in my head and without realizing it, those words became a part of me: I was even telling others the same thing!
I am so grateful my Higher Power, whom I call God, for revealing this to me . Now I am aware of it, thank you God, and now I can do something about it. Today I choose to let go of this old belief and believe in a more positive way.
This was just so amazing to me and of course you all were who I wanted to share it with. I love it when things like this happens; It means I am releasing the old and taking in the new; Growth is exciting.
Release old ideas and beliefs
If they are holding you back
And you will find
You too will find much relief.
(((Hugs & Love Everyone ))))
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