There use to be this wonderful woman of God, Alice, who would tell me that I needed to be careful with my words, because I was speaking things into my life that weren’t for my good. Of couse I pretended to listen, but it honestly went in one ear and out the other. Then many years later, I began to wonder if there was actual truth in… her words; I was hearing the same philosophy from so many leaders, all over the world. So I decided to try it for myself: I bought a notepad and for 3 days maticulously wrote down my thoughts and words: On thth day of this project, I sat alone during my morning meditation and on another notepad wrote down all the events that were taking place in my life at that particular time. To my astonishment, what I was speaking about myself, others, and circumstances, were actually taking place. Having a defect of pessimism I just had to take this further: So I began trying to change my way of thinking, replacing the negative with positive! Today I am still doing just that , because it works for me!! If anything life is much more pleasant and spreading positive energy is much more inviting; most do not want to be around others that are thinking so negatively; who are always thinking the worst of all situations.
Today I am that woman who tells others to be careful what they say (funny how that went full circle, huh?) I am better some days than others, but I continue to grow on a daily basis and the process becomes more natural for me, each time I am given an opportunity to put it into action.
Life is a beautiful sight when you look at it with Positive eyes!
Have a Wonderful Afternoon My Friends!
(((hugs & love))))
WendySee More

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