Good Morning You Absolutely Magnificently Amazing People!!!
Yep that was a bit of a Good Morning, but I am full of “spunk” this am and I wanted to share a bit of it with you! (lol)
I have talked quite a bit about humility the past several days and as I was writing in my Journal this morning; I realized just how much I was lacking in t…hat area of my life. As I began to write, complaints about my family was doing “what I wanted them to do” or “acting the way I wanted them to act”, began to pour onto the pages. As I looked down and read my very own words; the posts I made several days ago, began to come to my mind. A state of humblemess came over me like a bolt of lightening; I was doing this very thing to my family; thinking that for some reason I am better than they are; that they needed to change , just because I wanted them to; Guilt came over me as I began to feel disappointed with myself. Then, it was all too clear to; This Journey I am on today is one from the heart; I pray everyday for God to clear away the old wreckage that I may radiate love and happiness and that is just what is happening. I have awareness now; so I can do something about it. It allows me to know that I am still teachable and on a path of growth and that truly excites me.
Be grateful for awareness; for we cannot change that which we are unable to recognize. It is through awareness that growth is possible.
Have a Terrific Tuesday My Friends!!
(((Hugs & Love))))
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