Believe In You!!


Believing in myself has been a process; one that has required much patience and a lot of growth. I have learned that I am not perfect, but most importantly that I don’t have to be. It’s through my flaws and mistakes that I learn the most valuable lessons. I am the best me that I possiblly can be and today that is good enough in my …book. I have the ability to live the life I have always wanted to live, one that is not only free of drugs, but free of negativity and self-degradation. The deriliction that once ruled my life , is no longer acceptable. I no-longer have to allow others to dictate nor rule my every being. I am living life today, with much freedom, love, happiness and joy. I choose to believe that I am unique and on this Universe for a mighty purpose. When i live with integrity, and live by my truths, I can change the world.

God, whom I choose to call my Higher Power/Creator, has given me a second chance at life. He has shown me that I am special and He desires for me to live happy, joyous, and free. I have been blessed beyond measure and when I live in a state of gratitude and get out of my self-pity; I open myself up to the beauty that surrounds me and all of its wondrous possibilites.

Who would have ever thought a person like me: Someone who lived her childhood, with an Alcoholic Father, Sexual abuse, & Defeat; Someone who became controlled by drugs and hurt the ones I loved the most , would have ever come to know such a beautiful way of life.

It was only in complete defeat that I could surrender and choose a new way of life. It is available to anyone ; there is hope; You can experience a freedom like you have never felt before. Give yourself a break; learn to love and accept yourself! Find a new way to live!! There is so much in this Universe that is both breath taking and exhilirating and its available to YOU!!

Take a chance on yourself and you will be surprised;

There is more to life than just hurt and pain;

Look aroud you, It’s right before your eyes.

There is no need to remain the same!!

“““““Wendy Box 4/4/2011

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