Good Morning Everyone!!!
Life is so beautiful and so are each one of you!
I always share about how grateful I am that I can feel and experience life to its fullest today! Many years I was completely numb; unable to feel at all; especially when it came to having compassion for others. .
Over the past several years this Journey that I …am on has allowed my heart to heal in many ways. The pain from my past needed to be felt and released; however painful it was, it was a process that resulted in amazing miracles. I use to sit and pray this prayer: “Please just let me feel something!” Today I am able to feel many different emotions; ounces of joy, serenity, peace, happiness, and yes hurt and sadness; for they are part of the healing process also. I once protected myself from these sort of feelings, which required me to shut my heart down completely; only to become isolated from life completely. With all of this being said, I wanted to share what happened when I went into work yesterday evening. Healing is possible my friends, healing is possible!!(Yes I said it twice)
As I arrived at work last night, I heard a gentleman call my name. I looked over to see a client, who had been in our facility less than a year ago. He ran up to me and grabbed me, holding on as if he was afraid to let go. As we hugged, tears started rolling down his face and he began saying some of the most powerful words; “Ms. Wendy, I am so glad you are here! I was so afraid you wouldn’t be here!! I know I am going to be ok now!!” Immediately, compassion, love , sadness, and joy came over me. My heart ached that he was in such bad shape; yet it leaped with joy that he was alive and trying once again! While walking back to my office, I immediately thanked God for allowing me to experience such a magnitude of love for another human being!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday Everyone, filled with much love , laughter and smiles!!
(((Hugs & Love)))
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