Sweet Dreams

Have you taken a breather from the rush of everyday life, yet?  If not STOP!!!!  Take in a deep breath and exhale, gently.  Now take a look around you what do you see; are there dishes piling up?  baths to be taken? laundry to be washed?  Or do you have someone that wants you to just sit down and talk a while; someone who needs your full attention?  The dishes aren’t that important, one night won’t cause you to have bugs; sometimes staying up a little later is fun; you can always throw an extra load of clothes in tomorrow night. 
My point here is; Sometimes we get into such a rush and are so determined to stay on a schedule, that we do not recognize when someone is longing for our attention.  They need us present for them instead of rushing around getting things done and only answering with short cut-off phrases , that have frustration in their tones. 
Be spontaneous, give yourself and someone else a treat; have some pop-corn as you sit and watch your favorite shows together and if someone needs to talk with you ; take some time to stop what your doing and go sit outside or in a bedroom, office, or den.  Just give them ALL OF YOU!!  It never hurt anyone to change up the daily routine a little; especially when they are taking time to be there for someone they love.
Good Night My Friends, May you have a restful night and know that you are loved!
(((hugs  & love)))


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