Find your place of balance!

Once again, I was able to watch the most amazing sunset!  I just had to share it with you all.  Sitting on the swing with my baby, Pierre’ (which is my dog by the way) and listening to nature, as the most the most brilliant firey red colors lit up the sky while the sun settled in for the night.  Breathtaking, just does not describe it.
Being one with nature is where I find my balance.  Yes that is it;  I am feeling, an overwhelming sense of balance!! I never thought I would be in this place.  I am experiencing one of my heart’s deepest desires! 
It’s this moment that I will visit when life throws me curve balls, yes this moment will keep me going, through it all!!
As you lay your head down to rest, remember that you are unique and you are of much value; never sale yourself short and always reach for your dreams!
(((Hugs & Love)))))


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