Good Morning

Good Morning Friends!
As I woke up to the music of the birds and grabbed my cup of coffee, I enjoyed my morning meditation , along with my journaling, and  was enlightened with the beauty of many wonderful inspirational quotes. 
I am so grateful to be able to spend my mornings in such peace and harmony.  I am living a dream that I would never have imagined possible a little over 4 years ago; I am following my heart and doing what I love.  Sometimes I ask to be pinched, just to make sure this is all real!  Living from my heart is unlike anything I have ever experienced! 
What is it that you want to do with your life?  If your not quite sure, try some things out, meditate on the thought, be patient and listen. Once the answer has come and you know what it is you want to do; Take that first small step, Reach out to others; apply perseverance, faith , & action and then you will be well on your way, to living your dreams.
Live your life to its fullest; I have found I do this best when I am doing what I truly love. 
Have a Superb Sunday, My friends
(((Much Love & Hugs))))


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