Give yourself a break!!


Yes it is Fabulous Friday!! That means the week-end is here!!! Yes!!! Life is great and if your not “feeling” that know that “It’s a fact you feel, but feelings aren’t facts!!” I have to tell myself that quite often, because I can get in a funk real easy, and allow it to determine the outcome of my entire day.
However, I know that j…ust because I may wake up feeling a certain way, I don’t have to carry that with me throughout my day; if its not to my liking. Usually a quick “mental” gratitude list snaps be back into a positive state of mind, however some days I have to apply other personal techniques; like turning up the radio, meditation, affirmations, breathing techniques and so forth. I find that if I focus on a positive thought long enough and affirm it with words, soon I will be in a more pleasant place.
I am one that tends to place too high of expectations on myself; so if I am not “always” feeling happy, joyous and free, I will beat myself up thinking that there is something wrong with me. NOT ANYMORE!! Sometimes we just don’t feel well, but that doesn’t mean we are doing anything wrong, it just means we are human. So if your not feeling quite up to par, check yourself: Are you hungry, tired, angry, lonely, or do you just need an attitude check.? Whatever it may be , find you some self-help techniques that work for you and “Apply” them; And Most Importantly, “Give Yourself A Break!!”
Have a Fantastic Friday Everyone
(((Much Love & Hugs))))

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