Good Morning


What a beautiful Saturday morning here in Alabama!!
As I woke up this morning, I saw a blinding light reflecting from my dresser mirror; I blinked a few times, thinking the brightness would go away; yet it only grew stronger. As my sight became clearer, I realized my mirror was reflecting the most beautiful sunrise!! In an instant …I was filled with a sense peace; like I have never experienced before. I became paralyzed by its power and before I knew it I was praying and repeating one of my personal affirmations out loud; “I am being led, I am being guided, each step of the way.” I literally felt the presence of my God all around me!!!!
For a while now I have been questioning whether I am headed in the right direction with my life; whether I am growing or stagnating with my spiritual growth and I believe with all my heart that I was being given the reassurance that all is well and just as it should be. I am more clear today than I have ever been before and with it comes a sense of freedom that cannot be put into words. Although this may seem bizarre to some; to me it was a morning that I will never forget!!
When you feel as though your just trudging along; don’t give up; keep going, for soon you will be there, the magic will return and you will know you are on the Journey of a Lifetime!!
““““`Wendy Box

Have the Saturday of a Lifetime Everyone!!!
((((Hugs & Love)))))


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