Facing Fear


Sometimes things get tough and at the onset of difficulties we may want to run or hide from the circumstances. The pain seems to be too difficult to endure.
Tonight I was inspired by a 17 year old young lady whose father is in our treatment facility. She doesn’t understand; all she knows is she is hurting and she is full of anger; …yet she faced the pain this evening , with so much courage. In our conversation she shared about how at first she wanted to shut down and run, but her love for her father was stronger than her fear; so she chose to face the issue at hand and release the anger so she could show her father support and not rage. I watched her as she shed her tears and faced some painful reality. Her bravery was astounding.
As the session ended she thanked me, but as we were hugging , I told her she had inspired me more than she would ever know. I saw first hand how facing fear released her and all her strength now is going towards supporting her father. The love she has for him is much stronger than any of the fear she was feeling.
When faced with pain; face the issue at hand, head on; hold onto to those that are being supportive and if necessary seek professional help , but find a healthy way to deal with the issue and look fear straight in the eye; allow love to give you the strength needed to kick fears butt!!
Hope you all are sleeping well and wake in the morning, full of life and gratitude!
(((((Hugs & Love))))))



2 thoughts on “Facing Fear”

  1. Facing Fear gave me the strength to “leap tall buildings” so I know how that brave young lady felt tonight Wendy. In November, 1990 in the blink of an eye my life was forever altered. My 15 year-old precious daughter was critically injured in an auto accident. Upon arriving at the hospital I was told my only child would die. I was overwhelmed by paralyzing fear & even screamed out loud “I can’t do this!” Kristy had sustained a horrible brain stem injury. Somehow courage & strength kicked in for BOTH my beautiful, brave daughter & myself. For the next 6 years until Kristy took her last breath in May, 1996 I KNEW how much courage I had & it served me well. Without it I know I wouldn’t have survived. Kristy’s courage inspired all that she touched in her all too short life. Her physicians were all amazed at what she accomplished with such a debilitating brain injury; what she did was not medically reasonable. Some considered her their miracle patient. In my opinion, the REAL miracle was LOVE! ❤

    1. Wow, thank you so much for sharing that with me !! You have a courage that is both strong and faithfull. Your amazing in my book.
      We truly don’t know the full capacity of our courage until faced with difficulties. Some cave in but many find that courage and strength they never thought possible,just as you did. Your story will change MANY peoples’ lives. Many need to hear your story!!!!!!
      (((((Hugs & Love)))))))))))

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