In my Recovery, I have come to understand the word “humility” on a much deeper lever.   Humility was  a foreign word to me for many years.  I never took its meaning to heart , until I decide to get clean and work a 12 Step Program. 

Today it is one of the most amazing and heart felt words in my vocabulary!  I understand humility to mean that I am “no better than” NOR am  I “ANY LESS THAN” another human being.  I am equal.  Many struggle with thinking they know more or put themselves among higher esteem than other; however for myself I struggled with thinking that I was no good and less than everyone. 

Today I am GRATEFUL TO SAY That I love myself and respect others; meaning I am on the same level as you are!!!   I may not be a Doctor, Lawyer, or President; but I am no less than any of the above and we each are doing the best we can with what we have!!!

(((((((((((Hugs & Love)))))))))))))))



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