Receive the love

Happy Fantastic Friday!!!
This day brings with it many opportunities and many blessings; all you have to do is receive them; They are yours for the taking!
I know this may sound a bit far fetched to many; but as I have grown in my Recovery many new enlightenments have come my way. One of them being that the love has alwa…ys been there, I just haven’t received it!
Clearing away the wreckage of my past has taken much time and effort, but every ounce of work has been well worth it. I am no longer a victim to my childhood nor my past mistakes!! I am free to live life today; To its fulllest!!!!! What a freedom! It’s ok for me to receive all the love and blessings the Universe has to offer. I deserve to be happy and loved today! Although I will never “arrive”, I am growing and with each new day there are new opportunities to learn and flourish into the person I want to become!
Have a fantastic day my friends!!!
(((Hugs & Love))))


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