Lessons Learned


Happy Fabuliscious Friday!!!!
Just had to come up with a funky adjective today, especially after Ishah shared with me how she creates these wonderful words and they sound so powerful!!


…Yes today is a fabulous day for my family. The puppy I shared about 2 days ago, is up running around, barking , playing and ready to eat solid food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE DID IT!!!! It has been amazing and when I called the Vet this morning the tone in their voices was that of complete shock! They did not expect her to make it.

Of course , all of us in this house are overwhelmed with joy and gratitude.
Watching my kids (17 & 19) smile and laugh as they played and hugged on Lily,(that is her name) was worth all the grueling hours of injecting Pedialyte into her and forcing her medicine down her throat (every 30 mins.) ; even worth the messy aftermath of her sickness!
I watched my sons take responsibility, along with my nephew and myself. We all pitched in as a team and made this thing happen. There were lessons learned; responsibilities taken and unity ; Now that my friends, is my definition of family!

I am also very proud of my 19 year old. Lily is his dog and he took full responsibility for her ; he gave her meds and fluids and he never left her side. He even woke up to some unpleasant surprises, but he never through in the towel. He became a better man, because of this situation.

Some of the most difficult of times, molds us into amazing individuals.
Wendy Box

Have a fantastic day everyone!!!
((hugs & love)))


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