Positive Thoughts


What a beautiful morning I woke up to!
Hope you all are enjoying this MagnificEnt Monday!
While we have much ice and snow covering our state, my entire family is home together today and it’s really nice. I am truly blessed!

We can choose how we look at each day. I firmly believe that!
…Today watch your thoughts; when you notice yourself drifting into a thought pattern that you are not comfortable with, Stop, Take A Deep Breath, Breathe in Positive and Out Negative, Say a Prayer (do your favorite ritual), Then replace those negative thoughts with something positive; Say them out loud and believe them! Most importantly don’t beat yourself up; give yourself a break! There is nothing wrong with you; You are growing, Your are on a path of change, and awareness is the first step;Always remember this is a process! Hang in there you can do it! I know you can, because I have faith in you!!!

Make this a day you will always remember!
(((Hugs & Love))))


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