Find the gift in your challenges!!

A time of hardship or darkness is an initiation. You are being tested and strengthened to move ahead to a new level. The blackest night gives way to the brightest day. As I look back on my times of great challenge, I rec–ognize that they were soon followed by significant growth. If you’re going through such a time, hang in there. Instead of cursing your situation, bless it as a harbinger of the dawn. You are not being punished; you are really getting somewhere. The world is not unfair; it would be unfair if it let you live in fear. You are not being crushed; you are being squeezed through the birth canal. The flip side of every death is a new life. Claim the pres–ence of good, and your transition will be much easier. Thank God for the opportunity to dump fear and walk in the light you deserve.

All experiences strengthen me as
I grow into the light.


This meditation is an excerpt from Alan Cohen’s meditation book, A Deep Breath of Life.


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