Merry Christmas

 ‎”It’s Love I Tell You; Nothing But Love”

This Christmas Day has brought with it a true miracle.
One that touched our family in such a special way.
One that opened our hearts and souls on this very special day.
…I saw a love like never before;
One that bonded our family , and the there was more!
I saw their eyes fill with hope and with laughter;
It was if the the past had been forgotten.
This would be a Christmas that would be etched in our hearts forever!
Nothing but love I tell you; Nothing but Love;
And nothing else seemed to matter.
Christmas was special this year;
Yes so special indeed.
My family united like never before;
It was as if we had all been freed!
Yes, God touched our hearts with His magical love;
And that my friends can only come from the Heavens above!
The joy on my mother’s face will be etched in my heart forever;
Yes this was the best Christmas for we were all truly “together”!
By Wendy Box

Just wanted to share this with everyone.
This is my 2010 Christmas Story.
Hope you all enjoy and have had a wonderful Christmas!
((((Love & Hugs))))))


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